Bacopa Annual Or Perennial

Sutera Cordata Megacopa White Bacopa
Sutera Cordata MegaCopa White Bacopa. Blooming Over A Long Season Sutera Cordata MegaCopa White Bacopa Is A Compact Trailing Perennial Usually Grown As An Annual Boasting Hundreds Of Brilliant White Flowers Adorned With A Yellow Throat From Late Spring To The First FrostsFlowering Is So Profuse That The Blossoms Cover The Foliage Of Small Toothed Ovate LeavesNoted For Its Wellbranched Habit Large Flowers And Improved Heat Performance This Bacopa Is Terrific In Garden Beds Containers Or Hanging Baskets Where It Can Function As A Filler Or Trail Gracefully Over The EdgesEasy To Grow It Is Wonderful For Creating A Dazzling Display Through The Summer.
Snowstorm Bacopa A Portrait Of An Annual Flower
Snowstorm Bacopa A Portrait Of An Annual Flower. Snowstorm Bacopa Is Great For Containers As Its Creeping Stems With Hundreds Of Flowers Will Drape Them GracefullyLearn More At HowStuffWorks.

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