Black Eyed Susan Weed

Fall Weeds Photos
Fall Weeds Photos. The Lower Angle Of The Sun And The Bluer Sky Of September In Northern Illinois Draws My Attention To Some Of The Colors And Shapes Of The Plants That Nobody PlantedIve Been Looking For New Angles From Which To Photograph These Fall Flowers Ive Also Been Interested Lately In Taking Photos That Leave Out
Weed Whacker Black Eyed Susan Bed
Weed Whacker Black Eyed Susan Bed. The Weed Whacker Black Eyed Susan Bed Is A Big Success And Taught Me A Lot About How To Work With Our Soil And Growing Conditions. This Is A Bank Between The Front Yard And A Drainage Creek It Was Overgown With All Sorts Of Wild Stuff Including A Bunch Of Wild Black Eyed Susans. This Spring I Weed Whacked The Stuff I Didnt Want Then In June I Weed Whacked A Second Time We Did Not Water Any Of These Plants. Not Bad For Nearly No Work Huh This Is How Id Like To Deal With Most Of My Garden A Few Years From Now
May Dreams Gardens Garden Bloggers Bloom Day
May Dreams Gardens Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Sep Clematis Rooguchi With Lambs Ear Leaves Welcome To Garden Bloggers Bloom Day For August Here In My USDA Hardiness Zone A...
A Paean To Black
A Paean To Black. Do You Love Blackeyed Susans Or Do You Think Theyre So Common As To Be Basically Weeds My Attitude Has Changed Dramatically In The Past Few Years I Used To Think They Were Okay But A Bit Of A NuisanceNow I See That They Meet My Basic Specs For A Great Flower AND They
Joe Pye Weed And Black
Joe Pye Weed And Black. I Wonder How They Ended Upbeing NamedJoe And SusanSince My WordPress Name Is JoePyeWeed I Thought I Would Show Some Pictures Of Joe Pye Weed That Is Blooming NowI Pinched It Back A Little Oddly In The Early Summer Which Affected The Height Of GatewayJoe Pye Weed Little JoeIn The
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