Bulb Garden Design

Cool  Spring Bulb Garden To Soothe Your Soul
Cool Spring Bulb Garden To Soothe Your Soul. Mar When Planning To Have A Bulb Garden Consider To Select The Good Quality Of Bulbs And Avoid Bulbs That Are Soft And Mushy Or Have Mold Growing On Them Look For Those That Are Plump And FirmA Healthy Bulb Also Need A Good Spot So Pick The Right Spot That Have Full Sun Or At Least Hours Of Direct Sun A Day And Also Have A Welldrained SoilGet The Right Timing To Plant Them Deep Enough Place The Bulb Pointy Side Up Look For Where The Roots Come Out If You Dont See A Pointy SideGive Your Plant Good Soil A Welldrained Soil Rich In Organic Matter To Ensure Good Blooming Mix Compost Into Your Bulbs Planting Holes. www.pinterest.com

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