Does Society Garlic Repel Mosquitoes

Deet Me Up How Best To Repel A Mosquito
Deet Me Up How Best To Repel A Mosquito. When It Comes To Protection From Mosquitoes Opinions Are AbuzzBurn Citronella CandlesWear Repellant BraceletsDouse Yourself With Avons SkinSoSoftEat GarlicTake Vitamin B SupplementsUse Concentrated DEETUse Dilute DEETPeople Are ConfusedNeedlesslyThere Are Many Questions Science Cannot Readily Answer But The Question Of What Is The Most Effective Mosquito Repellant Is Not One Of ThemThats Because It Doesnt Take Rocket Science To Design An Appropriate StudyYou Dont Need Sophisticated Equipment And You Dont Have To Extrapolate From Rat StudiesAll You Need Are Some Human Volunteers Who Are Willing To Stick Their Bare Arms Into A Cage Of Hungry Female MosquitoesAnd That Is Exactly What Researchers Had Fifteen Volunteers Do At The University Of Florida In A Study Reported In The New England Journal Of MedicineAnd Now We Know What Works And What Does NotThis Study Was Very Carefully DoneTemperature Humidity Density Of The Mosquito Population And State Of Hunger Of The Insects Were All ControlledSixteen Popular Products Were Purchased And Tested Repeatedly With The Time Until First Bite Being Accurately MeasuredLets Start With What Doesnt WorkYou Can Forget About Any Of The Repellant WristbandsThey Kept Mosquitoes Away For The Stunning Time Of About Twenty SecondsAvons SkinSoSoft May Make Your Skin Feel Soft But Will Only Keep The Bugs Away For About Twenty MinutesAfter That Your Skin Will Get Pretty Bumpy From All The BitesOther Citronella Preparations Fared Even WorseSo Unless You Are Willing To Walk Around Constantly Spraying Yourself Forget The Citronella ProductsSo What Works NNdiethylmtoluamide Or DEETSome People Worry About DEET Because Theyve Heard Reports Of Toxic Reactions And Are Suspicious Of The Substance Because It Is A Synthetic ChemicalWhether A Substance Is Synthetic Or Not Has Nothing To Do With Its Safety ProfileIndeed DEET Has A Remarkable Safety RecordIt Is Estimated That Since Its Introduction Around About Billion Doses Have Been Applied To HumansAnd This Has Resulted In Fewer Than Serious Toxic Effects Of Which More Than Resolved With Any Further ProblemsIn The Handful Of Cases Where There Were Residual Effects There Was Heavy Frequent Application Over The Whole BodyThe New England Journal Study Has Now Shown That Such Applications Are Not NecessaryA DEET Concentration Of Provided Five Hours Of ProtectionEven A Concentration Which Can Be Used On Children Kept The Mosquitoes Away For An Hour And A HalfDEET Should Not Be Used Under Clothing On An Open Cut Or With SunscreenSo There It IsLook For A Product That Has Between And DEET For Adults And Apply It Every Four Hours Or SoFor Young Children Use The StuffIf You Really Want Something Natural Although I Dont Know Why That Should Be Appealing Bite Blocker Made With Soy Oil Offers About Ninety Minutes Of Protection As Do Products Made With Eucalyptus OilAnd If You Think That Citronella Has A Pleasant Smell Youre Not AloneMosquitoes Like It TooA Recent Study By Consumers Union Corroborated These ResultsOff Deep Woods With DEET Kept Mosquitoes And Ticks Away For Over Ten HoursProducts With DEET Worked For At Least Five HoursThe Best NonDEET Product Was Repel Plant Based Lemon Eucalyptus Which Contains PmenthanediolIt Worked For About Three And A Half HoursProducts With Picaridin Did Not Work Well Neither Did A Shirt Treated With Permethrin.
Society Garlic Is A Beautiful  Low Grass
Society Garlic Is A Beautiful Low Grass. Jul Society Garlic Is A Beautiful Low Grasslike Groundcover With Little Maintenance RequirementsHowever As The Name Implies It Is Quite StinkyBest Used A Distance From Entries And Sitting Areas.
Plants That Repel Flies
Plants That Repel Snakes. Apr Are You Terrified Of Snakes Are You Looking For Plants That Repel Snakes This Is A List Of The Top Plants That Are Said To Repel Those...
Society Garlic Plant Growing Society Garlic In The Garden
Society Garlic Plant Growing Society Garlic In The Garden
Plants For Your Garden That Repel Mosquitoes
plants For Your Garden That Repel Mosquitoes.
Hitting Mosquitoes On The Nose With Scents That Repel
Hitting Mosquitoes On The Nose With Scents That Repel.
Society Garlic Keeps Mosquitoes Away And Looks Beautiful Too
Society Garlic Keeps Mosquitoes Away And Looks Beautiful Too. Aug This Pin Was Discovered By Teresa ButtramDiscover And Save Your Own Pins On Pinterest

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