Euphorbia Deer Resistant

Euphorbia Palustris Marsh Spurge
Euphorbia Palustris Marsh Spurge. Oct Incredibly Showy Fast And Easy To Grow Euphorbia Palustris Is An Upright Bushy Clumpforming Herbaceous Perennial Which Is Perfect To Brighten Any BorderIt Produces Exceptionally Eyecatching Clusters Of Bright Greenishyellow Flowers In Late Spring To Early Summer Depending On Regions Which Last For MonthsThe Foliage Of Medium Green Leaves Elegantly Radiating From Exquisitely Branched Stems Turns To Attractive Shades Of Yellow Or Orange In Fall Providing A Long Season Of Interest.
Euphorbia Polychroma
Euphorbia Polychroma. Cushion Spurge Gets Its Name From Its Cushionlike Perfectly Domeshaped HabitIn Late Spring The Pale Green Leaves Are Topped With Chromeyellow Bracts That Shine Brightly In The GardenIf Sited Correctly The Leaves Will Turn Red In The FallThis Is The Best Spurge For Northern Gardens And It Is Extremely Drought Tolerant.
Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow In
Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow. Apr Narrow Green Leaveshave Yellow Edgesand Tips That Turn Reddishpink In Cooler MonthsClusters Of Yellow And Lime Flowers Accented With Red Bloom Winter Through SpringInclude One Of Our Favorite Evergreen Perennials As An Accent Plant In Beds Or As A Container ThrillerPlant With Stonecrop Characteristics Lan
Euphorbia Blackbird Spurge
Euphorbia Blackbird Spurge. Noted For Its Exceptionally Dark Foliage Which Contrast Brilliantly With The Limegreen Flowers Euphorbia Blackbird Or Nothowlee Spurge Is A Bushy Dwarf Evergreen Subshrub Of Great Ornamental InterestA Sport Of The Popular Variety Redwing It Forms A Mound Of Attractive Rosettes Of Lanceshaped Leaves Bright Red When Young And Maturing To Purple Black When Grown In Full SunThey Are Topped From Early To Late Spring By Clusters Of Showy Yellowgreen FlowersA Beautiful Plant To Consider For Your Winter Containers Or The Front Of Your Mixed Borders.
Red Velvet Spurge
Red Velvet Spurge
Deer Resistant Perennials
Deer Resistant Perennials. Deer Resistant Perennials

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