Goldfinger Potentilla Care

Goldfinger Potentilla
Goldfinger Potentilla.
Shrubby Potentilla Info
Shrubby Potentilla Info
Goldfinger Potentilla
Goldfinger Potentilla. Finely Textured Foliage With Golden Yellow Flowers In Summer
Potentilla Fruticosa Goldfinger Shrubby Cinquefoil
Potentilla Fruticosa Goldfinger Shrubby Cinquefoil. Awardwinning Potentilla Fruticosa Goldfinger Shrubby Cinquefoil Is A Bushy Deciduous Shrub Of Upright Habit Boasting Masses Of Large Rich Yellow Flowersinacross Cm From Late Spring To The First FrostsThe Blossoms Are So Profuse That They Literally Smother The PlantThey Contrast Nicely Against The Foliage Mound Of Small Pinnate Dark Green LeavesNoted For Its Extremely Long Blooming Season Shrubby Cinquefoil Is An Incredibly Tough Plant Withstanding Drought In The Summer As Well As Cold Temperatures In WinterIt Is Also One Of The Easiest Plants To Care ForA Firstclass Shrub That Is Perfect For Informal Hedging Or For Sunny Borders.

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