Trailing Verbena Plant

Verbena Tapien
Verbena Tapien. Verbena Tapien Is A Spectacular Trailing Verbena Which Can Be Extremely Useful For Filling Bare Spots It Features A Very Attractive Airy Lacy Dark Green Foliage Covered With Profuse And Showy Flowers Creating An Endless Carpet Of Blossoms From Summer To FrostButterflies Are Most Fond Of The Sweet Flowers Whose Colors Include Blueviolet Pink Lavender Salmon And WhiteVery Flatgrowing Intall Cm With A Neat Multibranching Growth Habit And Vigorously Spreading Up To Inwide Cm Via Creeping Stems Rooting Into The Soil Or Mulch This Verbena Is A Tender Perennial That Is Hardy To ZoneEvergreen In Zones It May Be Grown As An Annual In Other ClimatesEasy And Fast Growing This Undemanding Plant Is Fairly Drought Tolerant And Powdery Mildew Resistant.
Purple Trailing Verbena
Purple Trailing Verbena. Planting Purple Trailing Verbena In Your Landscape Is An Excellent Way To Fill Any Barren Area With Bright Color Verbena Canadensis Botanical Name Stays Very Low And This Low Spreading Variety Is An Ideal Tender Ground Cover Thanks To Its Dark Green
Trailing Verbena
Trailing Verbena. May This Pin Was Discovered By Stephanie WestDiscover And Save Your Own Pins On Pinterest

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