When To Plant Brown Eyed Susans

Rudbeckia Triloba Brown
Rudbeckia Triloba Brown. www.everwilde.com
Brown. Browneyed Susan Is A Bushy Perennial With Muchbranching Stems And Plenty Of FlowerheadsCompared To Missouris Other Rudbeckia Species Its Flowerheads Are The Smallest Growing To Only About One Inch Across. nature.mdc.mo.gov
Rudbeckia Triloba Brown
Rudbeckia Triloba Brown. A Shortlived Perennial Browneyed Susan SelfSeeds Readily Flowering In Its Second Year. www.prairiemoon.com
Rudbeckia Triloba Brown
Rudbeckia Triloba Brown. Awardwinning Rudbeckia Triloba Is A Biennial Or Shortlived Perennial Which Produces Masses Of Rich Golden Yellow Flowers Inacross Cm From Mid Summer To Frost No Matter What The Weather Is LikeEach Flower Has Raylike Petals Surrounding A Dark Chocolate Central Cone Providing Fantastic And Longlasting Color In The Summer GardenIts Basal Rosette Of Threelobed Leaves Persists Through The Winter Creating An Attractive Winter Ground CoverExtremely Easy To Grow This Plant May Naturalize Easily And Remain In The Garden Thanks To Its Ability To Freely Selfseed. www.gardenia.net

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